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o   Types of feng shui - yin, yang, yin/yang

o   Compass School

o   School of shapes and forms

o   Bagua Method (Pakua) – tortoise back – 8 Houses Method

o   The Front Door Method

o   Intuitive feng shui

o   School of location and harmonisation of the flow of Chi

o   School of Flying Stars - fej sing

o   Placebo Method


·         YIN A YANG

o   Yin a Yang characteristics

o   Yin a Yang characteristics (example)

o   Assignment table of Yin and Yang


·         5 FORCES – ELEMENTS

o   Elements – forces and their labelling

o   Interaction of elements - forces

o   Characteristics of elements - forces

o   Shades of colours



o   What does Bagua comprises of

o   All basic terms in one


·         COMPASS SCHOOL – SCHOOL OF SHAPES AND FORMS – Dominance of North

o   Symbolism of Cardinal points



o   How to create palaces

o   Bagua and its individual parts

o   Bagua and its individual parts - procedure

o   Buildings and their orientation

o   Buildings of different types and different entrances



o   Placement of lo shu square on building



o   North

o   Northeast

o   East

o   Southeast

o   South

o   Southwest

o   West

o   Northwest



o   Orientation of building – identification of its north south axis

o   General rules

o   Rules for compass use in exterior when marking a piece of land

o   Rules for compass use in houses, flats, multifunction buildings

o   Rules for compass use in skyscrapers, buildings with metal structure

o   Specifics of measuring in different spaces

o   Measurements with Lo Pan compass and compass with rectangular base

o   Orientating of building

o   Process




o   Front and back of the house (1)

o   Front and back of the house (2)

o   North side of the house

o   North wall of one entrance from block of flats



o   What do we need - ruler, pencil, goniometer

o   Building, its measurements and placement of important elements



o   Centre of building

o   Centre of building in "L" shape - 1

o   Centre of building in "L" shape - 2

o   Centre of complex buildings



o   24 entrances - 24 entrances unfolding analytical rosette

o   24 entrances – what do individual entrances bring

o   Polarisation and adaptation of openings - entrances

o   64 entrances - 64 entrances unfolding analytical rosette

o   Unfolding of energy analytical rosette

o   Buildings are split into

o   Energy analytical rosette – characteristic of sectors

o   Energy analytical rosette – Practical examples



o   Earthy branches, Heavenly bases

o   Individual feng shui of a person

o   Compatibility



o   Undifferentiated Gua system

o   Differentiated Gua system

o   4 pillar Hermes Gua system

o   4 pillar of destiny – Example and use in practice






o   Gua 1 : WATER

o   Gua 2 : EARTH 2

o   Gua 3 : YOUNG WOOD

o   Gua 4 : OLD WOOD

o   Gua 5 : EARTH 5

o   Gua 6 : METAL BLOWN 6

o   Gua 7 : REMELTED METAL 7

o   Gua 8 : EARTH 8

o   Gua 9 : FIRE



o   How are polarity entrances created

o   Single polarity entrances EASTERN TYPE

o   Single polarity entrances WESTERN TYPE

o   Dual polarity entrances EASTERN / WESTERN

o   How do doors stabilise a polarity entrance

o   Unfolding of energy analytical rosettes in relation to entrances







o   Missing sections and perspectives (1)

o   Missing sections and perspectives (2)

o   Missing sections and perspectives (3)

o   What effect do missing sections and perspectives have on individual palaces

§  North

§  Northeast

§  East

§  Southeast

§  South

§  Southwest

§  West

§  Northwest




o   North

o   Northeast

o   East

o   Southeast

o   South

o   Southwest

o   West

o   Northwest


·         SCHOOL OF SHAPES AND FORMS – Missing sections – practical examples

o   Practical example 1

o   Practical example 2

o   Flat oposite the stairs



o   How does the shape of building and its centre impact on front door

o   Polarity entrance

o   Individual levels of space analysis

o   " L " shape building 1

o   " L " shape building 2

o   " L " shape building 3

o   " L " shape building 4

o   Complete analysing drawing

o   Practical example 2


o   Practical example 3 (the front door method –I)



o   Practical example

o   Another use of the Front Door Method

§  1. Example          

§  2. Example          

§  3. Example          

§  4. Example          

§  Experiment          



o   Sample - Lo pan compass simple



o   Feng shui measurements - objects, buildings, amulets








o   Practical example 4

o   When to cleanse a space

o   Practical example

o   What could be hiding in a space

o   What could a ghost of the house cause

o   Left over emotional energy

o   Protection from emotional and other energy

o   Other forms of energy

o   What else to be aware of



o   Problem free spaces

o   Problematic spaces

o   Highly problematic spaces

o   Dangerous spaces



o   What we need for ritual cleansing of space

o   Physical and practical cleansing of space

o   Preparation and what we need to ensure


·         ROOF OF A HOUSE



o   Lo Shu in plan view of the house-1

o   Lo Shu in plan view of the house-2

o   Unfolding of analytical rosette

o   Missing sections or Perspectives

o   Flow of energy-1

o   Flow of energy-2

o   Flow of energy-3

o   Adjustments

o   Main deficiencies

o   Few photos of interior and exterior



o   Practical examples

o   1. Example

o   2. Example

o   3. Example

o   4. Example

o   5. Example

o   6. Example

o   What is important



o   Protective Signs

o   Activating Signs

o   Polarized crystals















o   Statuettes

o   Bagua or Pakua

o   Three emperors

o   Emperors of five elements

o   Fisherman who prepares hunting

o   Fisherman with caught fish

o   Fisherman who repairs fishing nets

o   Northeast Buddha

o   Two wise men

o   Tortoise

o   Dragon

o   Snake

o   Phoenix

o   Horse

o   Stag

o   Three Graces

o   Emperor and Empress

o   Chinese lion – fu dog

o   Cat

o   Rooster

o   Owl

o   Elephants

o   Gods

o   Placement of symbolism in practice



o   Magic square - Lo Shu square simple

o   Various Lo Shu square

o   Lo Shu square which is added

o   Lo Shu square which is subtracted

o   What we are looking for in the simple Lo Shu square

o    Magic square - Lo Shu square complex

o   Unfolding of the complex Lo Shu square

o   River Star – financial Star

o   Mountain Star – health Star

o   Past period Star – construction period Star

o   Current period Star – stability Star



o   Filling in the complex Lo Shu square - the rules

o   How to do?

o   What all can activate inapropropriate tendencies of Stars combinations



o   Example from practice

o   Basic rules for house designing

o   Actions at the right time


·         TABLES

o   Animals, Cycles, Periods

o   Chinese year, Lunar year, Zodiac, Polarity, Element, Gua

§  1904-1943 - Period 3-4

§  1944-1983 - Period 5-6

§  1984-2023 - Period 7-8



·         FENG SHUI SOFTWARE and Mob App, which to assist you in teaching and in practice


























Many people ask us which one of the feng shui schools we use in practice.

Compass school, School of shapes and forms, Bagua or School of Flying stars?

The answer is that all of the so called schools come from one compact system called feng shui. There was several reasons why different "schools" were created. Sometimes it was the ambition of a teacher to have their own school that was different to others. Sometimes sufficient information was missing and the knowledge of other systems. Sometimes it was to make the already used system simpler. It was also so the complex systems could be practically used by the general public - "do it yourself" feng shui. All these reasons have at the end resulted in fractioning of the whole system which was also helped by the restrictions in Maoism era. Old masters have almost all vanished.
This is why we repeat again, there are no different schools just different methods that link with each other, complement each other and intersect.
As the general public knows these methods under the term schools we will be using this term as well.


Yin feng shui
It is balancing and treatment of space, disposal of the disproportion of forces in each palace. It is placement of protective items, placement of people in a space, basic stimulation by using plants, crystals, chimes, light, ...

Yang feng shui
It means insertion of a specific program into an already adapted and tuned space. This program is inserted in order to recall certain needed action and situation based on the assumption of the knowledge of the whole system of feng shui and thorough knowledge of the given space. It is done by tuning of the flow of energy and inserting protective, stimulating and activating items into specifically set positions.

Yin-Yang feng shui
If a space is already adapted and tunes we will do another adaptation for a specific period or situation. This type of tuning is possible do to with the precision of a month or day. Namely the changes are made under the assumption of certain action that will happen in the near future – important negotiations,
meetings, ... Be aware, this tuning requires detailed knowledge of not just the particular space but mainly all of the systems. It is actually an acupuncture in feng shui.


Some resources allege that the compass school was created in a level area and the school of shapes and forms in a mountainous area. Think about this statement a little bit. What do we need when we are in an unfamiliar mountainous area? A good compass. What do we need in a level area in order for us to modify it in a correct way?
When at a level area we can see exactly where the sun rises and sets. A level area is monotonous and we therefore modify it with the help of design.
Of course in both of these areas a compass is very important for the correct application of feng shui.

What is compass school? It is the basic from which all other systems and methods used in feng shui unfold. If a mistake is made in this part of analysis it then has an effect in a way of incorrect results and incorrect modification of an area. Everything on this planet is linked to an induction and earth’s magnetism. It affects the physiological process of plants, animals and people. Therefore a denial of the importance of compass school is basically contradiction of all basic principles that our whole existence is based on (magnetism, electricity).

It means that an exact drawing of a building and measurement of the north south magnetic axis of the earth to the building or land is the alpha and omega of all feng shui analysis and the following tuning. We will look at this method very carefully in this book.











This school or method concentrates on analysis of the outside form of a land, ground shape of buildings (missing parts and perspective), correct sizes of buildings and objects, shapes of objects and their symbolic expression.
You know the basic forms of individual elements. These are symbolic signs that in general express each element – pictures of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

We were asked the following question.  Would it be enough to paint a bending line on a wall if there is the element of Water missing in an area?
The answer is: imagine you are on a desert. You are very, very thirsty. Try and draw a bending line in the sand. Does it help you with your thirst?
Another example would be if you had a faded plant in your flat. What would you do? Would we place a painting of a pond on the wall or would we just water the plant? Of course the answer is the second option. Remember, if there is an element missing in an area it is important to add it in physically – in a used material. Its symbolic meaning is not enough.
Symbology in objects and scenes is used with a different intent. It is a direct programming of an area and this is part of Yang feng shui (it is done after an area has been adapted and balanced).

The School of shapes and forms, in its essence does not talk about elements as these are already part of it. It talks about the symbology of objects and scenes and by this it gives a direct meaningful aim to the energy chi.
It does not change or manage its flow but it says what it should become on a material level in the future. This area is very broad and it needs certain level of experience and we will therefore look at this little bit later in a separate part of this book.


This method basically comes from Compass school. It is necessary when analysing an area.
It is divided into:

- unfolding of 8 entrances analytical rosette

- unfolding of energy analytical rosette

- unfolding of 24 entrances analytical rosette

- unfolding of 64 points analytical rosette

Unfolding 8 entrances analytical rosette is used to identify which cardinal direction we enter a space or building from, therefore where the main entrance is. It specifies the borders of individual palaces in a building.

Unfolding energy rosette is used to identify the quality – values of energy in individual palaces depending on the positioning of the main entrance in a building.

Unfolding 24 entrances analytical rosette is used for an exact specification of the main entrance and other openings into a building such as windows and internal doors leading to individual rooms.

Unfolding 64 points analytical rosette is used for adaptation and tuning of a building by stimulating an exactly specified points in the building, to calibrate cardinal directions and to exact positioning of residents in the building. It is also used to pinpoint the main and hidden potential which explains the qualities of a particular building, or more precisely about its disposition towards certain situations and actions.
This part also belongs to Yang Feng shui and its practical application requires lots of practical experience and detailed understanding of the whole system.

Be careful, this is to remind you that a correct application of these individual steps has to come from a detailed measurement of the magnetic north south axis of the building.












This method of analysis and adjustment of an area is based on an assumption that the front door – entrance to a building is basically a beginning of a journey for the inhabitants and therefore are representative of North.

One modification of this methods says that the line where the front door into an area is located is like a north wall. Another modification uses Lo shu square instead of Bagua for the breakdown of an area. Based on this theory is then Bagua incorrectly rotated – pointed or we place Lo shu square on an area. You know that up on the right hand side from the entrance is relationship or partnership, ...
Be aware that this application of the 8 entrances method is incorrect. You cannot analyse nor adjust an area based on this way rotated Bagua. Any adjustments or placement of small lakes, fountains and swimming pools based on this method can end up for the inhabitants in catastrophe.
Remember North is always at North and not where we want it to be (for example at the front door). This method is not aimless. It serves for the analysis of situation of inhabitants of a given area, their problems and their direction.
It can only be used as an alternative – additional solution when modifying an area only in the instance when a specific palace is missing or if a specific room cannot be sufficiently tuned. This could only be done by an experienced practitioner who understands the basic principles.

So why cannot we supplement forces directly by using this method? The reason is that it would be done incorrectly. We could therefore even more harm individual palaces (we cannot supplement the South palace with earth colours or adding in a fountain, …).
We have to stress again that this method should only be used for alternative programming – to strengthen a palace symbolically.
In symbolism we also have to use the forces linked to given palace based on the north south magnetic axis of earth.
Therefore not in a way that is described in other literature.
We will look at further ways of using this method in a separate chapter.


So called intuitive feng shui is currently often used not just in our country but also abroad.
It is based on rough marking of an area by a practitioner by using a compass or just on a rough assessment. They then intuitively place certain features into the area, such as chimes, polarity crystals, plants, fountains, hearts and other symbols and they also assign colours for the walls (pink for bedroom), ...
In some way it has some connection to tuning of energy flow that should have been done throughout the work on a given project and mainly in coordination with other previously mentioned methods.

So what is the danger of intuitive tuning? We have to realise that correct application of intuition is not possible without a complex knowledge of the system and a longstanding practice. Otherwise there is a risk that a certain practitioner will tune an area not for the inhabitants but based on their own intuition for themselves. Not to mention that each area as certain specifics and disproportion that need to be carefully balanced.
That is the reason why different analytical methods were created in order to eliminate disproportional subjective influence of the feng shui practitioner.
Only based on the analysis results can the practitioner intuitively assess when given area needs and make corrections.
It is never possible to happen after the first viewing of an area. That is the reason why so called intuitive feng shui that is currently being practised testifies of not knowing the system and its individual analysing methods.
Master intuitive feng shui is not based just of placement of some features and elements in an area. A master adjusts the area just by being there and by their energy and stimulates it as needed.















It stems from Compass School and Bagua method and is part of School of shapes and forms.
It deals with a natural flow of energy in space based in its specifics. However, we have to keep in mind that the flow of chi energy is not just two dimensional. Energy identifies objects and the whole space on physical level based on tri dimensional system. The fourth parameter is time.
Chi is not only able to flow in space and fill it, it can also identify a specific energy in individual palaces. Its main ability is reading of symbolism based on shapes, concepts, placement of objects in individual palaces and mainly transformation of this information into concrete actions and situations.
This is why tuning of the energy flow belongs in very complex systems and cannot be practiced superficially and without a complex understanding of the whole system.
Only after a basic deep analysis as per the above systems and after taking into account the energy flow can one place individual tuning, protective and stimulating objects and elements.


The base for this method is Compass School because the rotation of individual stars and their placement in individual palaces and their mutual function is based on the correct identification of front door and their polarity. It is divided into simple fej sing and complex fej sing.

Simple fej sing rotates the stars just based on the actual year. It is used for identification of possible negative effects emerging from a given year and especially from the point of external effects.

Complex fej sing is fej sing of a building where it rotates, independently of each other, several star systems. The understanding and knowledge of complex fej sing is a high school of feng shui methods. For more details see relevant chapter.


We have come across several examples like this in practice. A very good example was in Vienna. We were called in due to some longstanding problems. We found out that after they moved in, they have invited a feng shui practitioner to their house. This person was a self-taught one.

This lady came, had a little walk around the space, complimented the furnishing, smoked out the space with incense, moved some plants around, told them to hand a polarity crystal in the corner,  asked for €300 and left.

Of course the mentioned space was a catastrophe – it was a T shaped double house and the family was living in an L type space. The space was incompatible with the family and the furnishing was sterile – while colour, chrome and light, modern style furniture.

They asked us what we can tell them about the space. By using the Lo pan compass to mark the space, the disproportions of the space were so obvious that we did not even have to do any extensive analysis to identify what was going on with the past and present owners of this space.
The owners were very surprised ...
We just would like to point out in this section that there are some practitioners that use lack of information about real feng shui methods. They also use the fact that many people, even though they call in a practitioner to do an analysis, do not really want to know the truth about their space. They just want to hear the confirmation of their opinion and approval of their taste. Sometimes people who think they have a good knowledge call a feng shui practitioner to confirm that they have furnished their space correctly. It is similar as when a four months pregnant woman came to a fortune teller and said „I am looking for somebody who will predict that my baby will be a boy. I will pay good money for it.“
You say it’s funny? Unfortunately, it’s reality.
















Yin and Yang is a school of opposite principles. The basic philosophy of this school is that as human relationships all other relationships in the universe are defined and based on the basis of interaction of dual powers – Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang is a school of opposite principles.

The basic characteristics of Yang are energy directed out, activity and expansion.
The basic characteristics of Yin are energy directed in, passivity and retraction.

Everything works only when these two polarities are in the correct ratio (it can’t be 50:50). It is therefore for example optimal if a person changes mental work with physical work or physical activity – sport.
In the same way as the day changes with night, high tide changes with low tide, warm changes with cold or activity changes with rest.

Here is a bit more complex example. A beer is Yin, spirits are Yang. Who can drink beer? It will be men who have enough Yang, for example old Celts, Irish, Germans – very combative clans. Their aggression was lowered by drinking beer.
This is similar in women with the dominance of Yang or in those who need to add more Yin (beer is for example given to women to help them with lactation).

Spirits on the other hand are mainly drank by people with the dominance of Yin in order to gain Yang characteristics.
This principle was adhered to in some cultures.
Let’s have a look at Muslim countries. They could be found mainly in hot areas – dominance of Yang. The spiritual rules forbid them to consume spirits or spices. Why is it? It is simply because by using these their Yang level would get very high and it would manifest in high aggression.
On the other hand in order to strengthen Yin the women in harems were given sweets.

On the other hand in colder areas people don’t have enough energy – less light and warmth (less Yang) and they therefore need to drink more alcohol (Russia, Sweden).
Here drinking of spirits is not as bad because alcohol gives people the missing Yang (of course nothing should be taken to the extreme).
This is why Indians called this type of alcohol „fire-water“.

From the point of view of adjusting and tuning of space we can explain the difference between living and artificial plants.
Living plants have in general the dominance of Yang. We use them where we need to add energy, strengthen or activate it.
On the other hand artificial or dry plants have the dominance of Yin. We use them where we need to lower the energy.
This is however only surface division of Yin and Yang and is only for explanation of the principles.

Everything around us contains a specific proportion of these two types of energy. It depends on the placement and function of given object or organism.
For example a glass is made from a material that has the dominance of Yang but in order for it to be used for what it is made for it has to have Yin shape – it is hollow.
If it wasn’t like this we wouldn’t be able to drink from it.
Even the material that it is made from has a certain proportion of Yin and Yang. If the material that was very Yang it would have been very fragile. The glass could crack at even a small bump and it would fall apart. With addition of correct proportion of Yin we will ensure that the material would be compact with a certain level of resistance against a bump – the bump is addition of another Yang.

If by bumping the glass its material reaches certain level of Yang its Yin part is not enough to absorb it and the bump damages the glass – it breaks. The same goes for glass panels on windows.









Take for example water.
Water is in essence more Yin. When we add Yang – warm, water gets the ability to make the nature alive (spring).
What would however happen if we add another Yin – cold? The rule here is that the extreme Yin passes through into Yang, therefore by adding more cold water freezes. It creates Yang.

We will explain this on gender.
Men express externally with the dominance of Yang and women with the dominance of Yin.
They are led to this through upbringing and general examples of behaviour.

Men are physically stronger and are in general more active – work and security of a family and they create long-term plans.

Women on the other hand are physically less strong and are more passive – giving birth and looking after the household, their domain is short-term strategy and tactics.

In reality men are inside more sensitive and vulnerable and women can be inside very strong and resilient. That is why women usually live longer than men.
Wrong combination of Yin and Yang at different levels (physical, psychological and intellectual) could mean that men have more female – Yin characteristics (fashion designers, cosmetologists) and women on the other hand have more male – Yang characteristics (soldiers, football players, i.e. women focusing only on a career).

The combination of Yin and Yang is given by the hour, day, month and year of birth.
Of course every person has a certain combination of Yin and Yang from the past and this is then completed and changed by their date of birth.
The combination of Yin and Yang determine to a certain level the characteristic and expression of an individual.

From experience we ascertained that even the correct assignment of a Gua number is dependent on the combination of Yin and Yang.
A person can however by their behaviour (by developing activity or passivity) for some period of time or at some stage of their life change this combination and by doing this they change their possibilities and living conditions.





































odd numbers


flowing water












yellow, brown, red


manual work


elements: H, C, Na, Mg




taste : salty, bitter

mineral matters

long cooking









first half of year








even numbers


calm water












purple, blue, green


brain work


elements : O, K, Ca, N




taste : nip, peppery, sour


short cooking









second half of year




























The space around us is a complex unit. It is very important to balance this space and therefore even out and fill the energy where it is missing. To heal it where it is sick and to even out the excess. Why then? It is simply because every part of a space that we live in or use symbolises on a spiritual level certain part of our life. It could belong to a member of our family.
This is why every disharmony in space can transfer this disharmony to various areas of our life (from material level to spiritual and vice versa to material level). It could be area of health, family, relationships or career.
Do you ask how it is possible? To understand the whole system we have to start at the beginning. Chinese, Japanese and Tibetans use the same system of five elements that apply to all levels of human existence.
Mutual functioning of these five elements are used in philosophy, astrology, hygiene and human relationships. Basically in everything. You must have read about it. It is very simple. At least at first sight.

Wood support strength of the Fire, Fire creates Earth. Metal is extracted from Earth and Metal is condensing Water. Water then support growth of Wood.
This is the basic cycle of creation of these five elements. It is motherly principle – see rosette of five elements.
If we however want to practically use feng shui methods this basic cycle of creation is not enough.
We will therefore learn about the second important cycle which we call fatherly.
It is a cycle of control. In this cycle Metal controls Wood (an axe I use to cut the tree), Wood controls Earth (the roots of a tree take nutrients from soil and disrupt it), Earth controls Water (we use bags of soil to create barricades during flooding), Water controls Fire (you pour water on fire) and Fire controls Metal (you can melt a metal with fire) – see rosette of five elements.
The third cycle is the one we don’t just need to know but also to know how to operate. It is a cycle of control. The Metal controls the energy of Fire so it is not too strong. The Earth controls the energy of Wood, Fire controls the energy of Water, Wood controls the energy of Metal and Water controls the energy of Earth – see rosette of five elements.
The fourth cycle is cycle of melting or weakening of energy. The Earth weakens the energy of Fire, Fire weakens the energy of Wood, Wood weakens the energy of Water, Water weakens the energy of Metal and Metal weakens the energy of Earth – see rosette of five elements.

Everything seems simple at first sight. It becomes harder when we want to use it is practice.
Even the Chinese say that deep understanding of this whole system can take 15-20 years.
However when we really understand the depth of the philosophy of five elements in one system, we will be able to successfully apply it in any system.
For example in the art of healing in which are the Chinese doctors without a doubt on first place. Why do you think this is?
It is simply because they heal the body as a whole and not just some parts of the system.







Imagine a person with a heart condition (heart is type Fire). They have a heart attack.
What to do?
Definitely not just take tablets. Why not? Because they can cause problems with stomach (element Earth) but mainly with liver (element Wood).
Weaker Earth of abdominal organs will again exhaust Fire of the heart – dissolution and used energy of liver (Wood) will not be able to help with increasing the energy of the heart (Fire) – cycle of creation. Here comes a year when the energy of Fire is very low or maybe just a season (summer) and the heart attack happens again.
How would the older generation of doctors deal with this? First of all with a good balanced diet as per the system of the five elements.
By doing this they would help the tired stomach and liver. It would mean that the stomach will no longer take the energy of the heart and the liver will help the heart with the energy at the right time.
Why is there a higher risk of a heart attack in the summer? We will talk about it more in the section about energy minimum and maximum.

















Wood is in general is type Yang. Color green.
Wood is distinguished as young and old.
Young Wood - Wood 3 is characterized by rapid growth, resilience, flexibility and endurance, as well as renitence.
It is more yang. These are plants shaped like bushes, grass, herbs, blooming flowers and stretching, climbing and fast-growing plants. Material color - light wood.
Old wood - Wood 4 is characterized by moderation, firmness, toughness. They are higher-growing, perennial plants shaped like the crown of a tree. Material color - medium to dark wood.


Fire is in general is type Yang. Colour red.
Fire - 9 is active, stimulative, creative, fearless but also aggressive. It is hollow - it can activate positive and negative aspects.
We differentiate between Fire Yin and Fire Yang.
Fire Yang is warmth and light from the sun or a fire that is generated from burning wood or some types of artificial light (light of warmer shades that consists of more colours of spectrum).
Fire Yin is earthy – from inside the earth and also from some types of artificial lights (colder shades – white and neon).
It is a fire that can be found in a material. This material would have been treated by using fire Yang (tools, jewellery, statuettes, ...).


Earth is in general is type Yin. Colour yellow, brown.
Earth is centripetal, stabilising. It is conservative, reliable but could sometime also cause stagnation.
There are 3 types of Earth.
Earth 2 is with the dominance of Yin. It is soft, receiving, fertile, non-separate, unstable and passive.
Earth 5 is Yin/Yang. It is unitarian, egocentric, drawing, maintaining, linking.
The balance between Yin and Yang is very important.
Earth 8 is with the dominance of Yang. It is hard, firm, tall, reliable, cold, absorbed in itself, traditionalistic, quiet.


Metal is in general is type Yin. Colour white, grey, silver and gold.
We differentiate between 2 types of Metal – Metal blown and remelted Metal.
Metal Blown - Metal 6 has the dominance of Yang. It is ore mined from earth. Typical characteristics - cold, dominant, authoritative, hard, fair, discriminatory.
Remelted Metal - Metal 7 has the dominance of Yin. It is metal recast into a gem. Characteristics - hardness, fragility, cold, beauty, form, usefulness, danger, protection, insensibility. Metal 7 already has Fire in itself.


Water is in general type Yin. Colour blue.
General characteristics - adaptability, stretching into the inside, withdrawing, scavenging and stimulation.
It can activate positive and negative aspects. It goes deep inside.

Water - 1 differentiate between Yin, Yang and Yin/Yang.
Water with the dominance of Yin is cold, standing, deep - lake.
Water with the dominance of Yang is streaming, warmer, active - creek, river, waterfall.
Water Yin/Yang is pulsating water - sea.










Rough view of colours













In order to continue we need to understand the Bagua method.
Every area as a whole can be divided into 9 sections. Imagine the whole area as a circle that we can divide into equal sections in accordance to cardinal directions. In order for these to be highlighted we use the Bagua design. Bagua is in reality an octagon that comprises of 8 equal sections on the periphery and one central section in the middle. The eight sections on the periphery represent 4 cardinal directions – North, East, South and West and 4 InterCardinal directions – Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest.

We also call these cardinal directions palaces. Each of the palaces – cardinal direction, had based on a traditional Asian philosophy and astrology assigned specific values – numbers, people, organs, elements – forces, animals and time.
All of these palaces were then assigned to certain parts of people’s lives. The pictures below show in order all these values.
Bagua and all of its values assigned to individual palaces are the stepping stone to the overall analysis and future adjustments of an area by using the feng shui systems.
It is therefore important to be able to remember certain values of palaces as if they were a multiplication table.
Cardinal direction – parts of life – force – number – person assigned to a specific palace.






































Dominance of North
Feng shui looks at a space from North to South. North is always marked on the bottom part of a document, South is marked on the top part. This way was used probably so that people were able easy orientate in a terrain. This position also symbolically corresponds with the tendency of North palace – journey, number 1 and beginning. According the old Chinese, northern position is strategically better therefore the North mostly wins over the South. This is sometimes used military teaching. Remind ourselves that North wins over South not just militarily (USA – the war of North against South, Korea – the win of North Korea) but also agriculturally (for example northern Italy vs southern Italy).
Orientation in terrain is really based on the direction of hands of the clock and if we imagine that we have zero hour or 12 hour on the clock down, it means that we are standing in North so we can see the whole area. It is as if we were standing on the North pole and that is when we have the chance to see absolutely everything. Behind us we have North – The Black Tortoise, we are facing South – The Red Phoenix, on our left is East – The Azure Dragon and on our right is West – The White Tiger.
On the North – tortoise – based on this teaching there should be a hill to prevent the northern winds to cool the area which is protecting.
On the East – dragon should be always taller than West – tiger. We know that the rain clouds approach mainly from the west and a very large hill on this side would prevent them from their advance. These clouds would then not be able to provide the whole area with the right amount of water.
The higher dragon can then stop the clouds as far as to allow the rain to water the area as much as it needs. Simultaneously the dragon cannot be too big to interfere with the morning sun as the morning sun‘s energy is very important – it is created under a specific degree between the sun and earth and it creates a specific type of energy that is not again created throughout the day (exercise to welcome the sun).
In areas where the East is blocked, or there is no window, the occupants can be often ill „where there is no sun, the doctor is needed“.
The South – phoenix should be open. There should be big enough spacious zone created (depending on the size of space or area) otherwise should this area be protected by a slight rise. Open, free area on the south is very important, partially so the sun can warm up this area but also so it can achieve a symbolic fame.
In Chinese culture they used to draw the North at the bottom but because in our culture it is a convention that drawings and projects (and maps) have the North always on top we will continue this way in this book.
The North will be on top and South at the bottom, East on the right and West on the left. The only thing we will continue to write in the traditional way is the simple and complex Lo shu square, simple and complex fej sing.
Bagua, which also fits the Lo shu square and also reading of the terrain, could also be realised in the original way.














We will be drawing 8 palaces. A correct drawing of Bagua is an essential assumption for any analysis of an area. That’s the reason why we have to try to be very precise. Otherwise we will get inaccurate values and the whole analysis and the changes made in an area could be incorrect.

1. Firstly, we draw an exact N-S axis (steering of an area against the magnetic N-S axis of the earth) through the exact centre of the area which is drawn in a certain scale.
We then draw a vertical axis through the centre and by doing this we will get the middle of four Bagua palaces –middle points of cardinal directions – North, South, East and West.

Each of the palaces has 45 degrees, it is in fact a circle divided into eight equal parts. If we know the middle of the four main palaces we can then use the goniometer to draw 45 degrees from the middle of each of the palaces (in a single direction).
We can then connect the points diagonally and we will get middle point of the other four palaces – middle points of intercardinal directions – NE, SE, NW and SW.

We then continue by measuring 22.5 degrees from the middle of each of the palaces. To double check we again connect the points diagonally through the middle.

We have now created the borders of eight palaces. We should mark them by a thicker line or use a different colour.












2. Every palace can be split into three sections at 15 degrees (45:3=15), we will get 24 entrances (8x3=24). Some people call it 24 mountains.

3. Every palace can be split into 8 sections at 5.625 degrees and we will get 64 different qualitative potentials of an area. (8x8=64).

All these measurements will be very important during our next phase. At the beginning it is necessary to correctly spread the rosette (to draw all palaces) and then to split every palace into three equal sections (24 entrances).

If you are interested in the term 24 entrance, then yes, by using this method we can find the quality of individual openings (windows and doors) in an area. We will look into this little bit later.

The following pictures will explain how to implement this in practice.












   A rosette that we learned how to draw and where every palace is split into 3 thirds is called basic analytical 24 entrances rosette. We will now learn how to lay this on a particular area.

Process :
We have to accurately draw the whole area we want to analyse. Accurately means with the actual measurements in a certain scale. Don’t forget the exact location of windows and external and internal doors of the building – see relevant chapter.

2. Once we have the area drawn in we need to find out its exact orientation.
We need to find out how is the area deviated from the magnetic N-S axis of earth.
We need to measure this with the highest accuracy – see relevant chapter.

3. The third step is locate the exact magnetic centre of the area – see relevant chapter.

4. The fourth step is to draw the measured N-S axis into the area in a way so the axis crosses the given centre.

5. Placement of correctly rotated basic 24 entrances analytical rosette.














































   Drawing, which we will look at later, is not purposeless. We want to show you how very important accuracy is for later correct analysis of an area. Basically it means, the bigger accuracy at the beginning the better quality and accurate the analysis is. Or at least you won’t have to draw it again.

1. There are so called „polarity“ entrances where the border of two palaces meet exactly in a middle of an entrance – entrance door, window.

2. In order for the tuning to be really functional, any protective and stimulating parts have to be placed precisely and correctly.

3. We will not be able to calculate complex Lo shu square without determination of exact rosette and everything will be aligned incorrectly. It could lead to worsening of negative tendency of an area and it could cause unbelievable things to happen.

We have learned how to draw first analytical rosette.
Now we will explain how to place the analytical rosette on an area being analysed – land, house, block of flats, flat or room.

In practice we will come across situations where the north south axis is not vertical to a building.

Pictures 1 and 3 show the N-S magnetic axis which is not vertical to a building.
Picture 2 shows the N-S magnetic axis which is vertical to a building.




Picture on the bottom left hand side shows us how the unfolding rosette is placed on an object where the north south axis is vertical to the analysed building.
Next picture shows us an example where the north south axis is twisted. The last picture shows us that buildings could be differently twisted against the north south axis – as they are in practice.



Orientation of analysed building could

have many variations in positions.






Remember we always draw a building in the line of drawing. We only rotate the rosette.
In general we divide the areas depending on the entrance (main entrance into an area) into East and West type.
In East type of buildings, the entrance into the object is from North, East, Southeast and South.
In West type of buildings, the entrance into the object is from Northeast, Southwest, West, and Northwest and from Centre.



















Why don’t we ever use the Lo Shu square on a building to find out the palaces and front door of the house?


This division, of different types of buildings, shows inaccuracy and basic errors.

Incorrectly marked centre.

2. Incorrectly marked missing section. Based on this drawing is the missing section in Southwest and South palace but in reality is only in the Southwest palace.

3. Incorrect marking of front door and from that unfolding further values, for example incorrect unfolding of energy rosette.

4. Incorrect linking of building to a certain type (East, West) and following incorrect linking to a person and therefore an incorrect placement of people in a space. These errors can then reflect on all levels of feng shui tuning, whether it is the tuning of a space or further tuning with the owners of a space.

5. If the front door is measured incorrectly it can then lead to an incorrect calculation of complex fej sing for tuning of protection, placement of programme and tuning elements in the interior.
Incorrect placement of chimes, polarity crystals, stimulating elements, ...
Remember Lo shu square is used to calculate flying stars not to mark a space.







North - „Journey“ (career)

force Water, Star Water, number 1
This palace is linked to the life journey of residence of a space. It describes their direction, their goals and whether they continue on their journey or stagnate.
We can find all this based on the size of the palace and its missing parts or perspectives.
It is of course important what type of energy exists in this palace both from the point of placement of energy analytical rosette and also what type of functional, household and decorative items are in it. It is important for this palace to be tidy and not to be blocked by high wardrobes or other high furniture. Secondary meaning of this palace is career because for most people at certain stage of their life work and career are most important.
This palace is also responsible for good relationships whether they are family ones or partnership.
Remember it is a journey in general.
This palace has young man or adult son linked to it.
When there are problems in the North palace it could be this member of the family who is having problems. Also all family member whose Gua number is 1.
Therefore by correct adjustment and tuning of north palace we don’t just direct the whole family in a certain direction but we also strengthen the young man or adult son and all people with Gua number 1 in the family.

The front door shouldn’t be located in the north palace (it is very cold and damp).
It is also not ideal for location of kitchen or dining room. You could have bathroom, closet, store room and technical pats of the space located here.
The space is also suitable for an office based on the assumption that the area is not damaged.
We would use the north palace for a bedroom only if it’s energy is not damaged – unfolding of energy rosette and based on the assumption that the person who will be staying there is comfortable in this palace.

In general this room is the coldest and it is important to keep it in mind when placing residents. An older person will be less able to tolerate the cold and lack of light than a younger person.

Spaces with north entrance are not suitable for family type living spaces (houses, flats, cottages) because all relationships are in general damaged when the entrance is from this palace.
These spaces are more suitable for business purposes. There shouldn’t be a problem with finding of suitable work in spaces with north entrance, of course based on the assumption that other sectors are not very damaged or missing. This space is in general more suitable for a man than a woman.

Northeast - „Contemplation“ (thought, knowledge)

force Mountain, Star Earth 8, number 8
This palace is linked to a very deep thinking. That is when a person hides away and thinks about important questions of their life and direction.
This palace is the hardest one when doing adjustments and tuning. Why? It is because deep thinking – contemplation - is not easy and people mainly do it at a time of big problems and life crisis. When everything goes our way why would we be thinking about something? We are on top of the world and are enjoying it. We start to think about problems, ourselves and other people only when something bad happens and we or the ones close to us are in trouble.

The northeast palace is in the current 20 year period not ideal as a main entrance to a space (2004-2024).
It is definitely not suitable as an entrance to a business space. This is because the sectors linked to success and blessing are much damaged.
We don’t use the northeast palace for kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. No water.
We can use it as a bedroom for a person compatible with this palace under the assumption that this palace does not have damaged energy – unfolding of energy analytical rosette.

This palace is suitable for a study, library, office but not as an office for active manager.
You can also use this space for dining room or store room. And of course all other technical part of the space but without water.
Northeast palace is symbolically linked to a little boy or youngest son.
Therefore by correct placement of certain items in space and by tuning of this palace we can markedly strengthen these member of family and also all family members with Gua number 8.
This space is in general more suitable for a man than a woman.


East - „Health“ (older, wisdom)

force Thunder, Star Young wood, number 3
This palace is in general linked to the health of the occupants and is also linked to older members of the family and represents wisdom. Wisdom comes from east.
This palace is very important and its adjustment and correct tuning is very important.

It is suitable as main entrance for family type living spaces (houses, flats and cottages) but only for people compatible with this entrance. It is also suitable for business space. It is very suitable as main entrance for various relaxation and health institutions, hospitals, health centres, and beauty salons.
Be careful however, because even though this palace is linked to older family members it is not suitable as main entrance for old people’s home. It can also be used as main entrance for schools, teaching institutes and various research facilities. This sector can’t be damaged or missing and we have to be very precise when doing adjustments and tuning of all west sectors in the space, mainly the northeast palace.

Because spaces with east entrance in general – unfolding of analytical energy rosette – are not suitable for contemplation, family relationships and partnerships, but also relationships in general.

It is suitable to locate kitchen, dining room, bathroom and toilet in east palace. Of course this is under the assumption that we are not getting negative star in this palace on Lo shu square.
It is also good place for sleeping for a person compatible with this palace. It is also very important that this palace is free and not blocked by a big barrier.
It is good to have a big window in here so the space gets energy from the morning sun.

We definitely don’t advise to block this sector with a garage, if the garage is part of the house, build in wardrobe or high wall, ...
This palace is linked to adult man or oldest son and therefore by correct adjustment of this palace we strengthen these family members and also all family members with Gua number 3.
This space is in general more suitable for men.

Southeast - „Blessing“ (wealth)

force Wind, Star Old wood, number 4
This palace is in general linked to blessing. Blessing is for a person what is the most important, most valued for them. For an ill person the blessing is health.
For somebody who doesn’t have children, children are blessing.

This palace is suitable as main entrance into family style living spaces and also business spaces.
The most suitable to be placed in this palace, similar to east palace, are dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, and sauna. It depends on whether the southeast palace is damaged from the point of analytical energy rosette or not but it also depends on the star that gets into this palace from

Lo shu square.

In general the spaces with southeast entrance are suitable for business, success and fame and less suitable for family living. It however depends on the Gua numbers of the people living in the space.

It is very important for this palace, as well as the others, not to be missing and also not to be blocked for example by a build in wardrobe, garage or by many small rooms. Even incorrect disposition design of a house could cause blockage of palaces.
This palace is linked to adult woman or oldest daughter and therefore by correct adjustment and tuning of this palace we strengthen these family members and also all family members with Gua number 4.
This space is in general more suitable for women.

South - „Enlightening“ (fame)

force Fire, Star Fire, number 9
This palace is linked to enlightening, fame, and entrance to social circles but also to self-confidence of residents of given space. It is logical. Enlightened people know the secrets of life and they can recognize what is really important and they shine a different light that draws others to them.
Some literature describes that this palace is the best one for entrances.
It is however not entirely true. Main entrances from south are less suitable for family style living spaces and more for business spaces. They are most suitable for organisations that deal with art – galleries, auction houses, various media types such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, model agencies etc.


Do not forget that all west sectors are damages with these types of spaces – unfolding of analytical energy rosette.

This is the reason why when adjusting and tuning these types of entrances we have to be very careful to correctly adjust all damaged west palaces.
Be careful as adjusting and tuning of spaces with south entrance could be very dangerous!

This palace is suitable to be used as a location for living room, dining room, bedroom and office. It is not suitable for location of kitchen, toilet, and bathroom and store room.
When placing individual residents we have to bear in mind that this space which is east type can’t be use for each person who is of east type.
A person with Gua number 1 could have various psychosomatic problems when staying in this palace for too long even if the palace is not damaged by the energy.
It is also vice versa – a person with Gua number 9 in north palace (big antagonisms).
This palace is linked to young lady or adult daughter and therefore by correct adjustment and tuning of this palace we strengthen these family members and also all family members with Gua number 9.
This space is in general more suitable for women.

Southwest - „Relationships“ (partnership)

force Earth, Star Earth 2, number 2
This palace is linked to relationships in general. It doesn’t just mean partnership but relationships in all areas we can imagine.

Main entrance from southwest is suitable for spaces of family living type but it is important to understand that in these type of spaces the focus will be on relationship – partners, family, ...

This entrance is definitely not suitable for business space only with the assumption that all other sectors that are damaged in this kind of layout are properly adjusted. If the main entrance to a business space is in this palace, these spaces are suitable for good communication with clients, for various training and teaching centres, travel agencies, job agencies etc.

Remember that water can’t be places in southwest palace no matter what. This could only be if it is required by a certain star on Lo shu square and it could only be placed there by a specialist.
We don’t recommend any missing parts or perspectives in this sector.
This palace is suitable for location of dining room, living room and is very suitable for bedroom. This is of course for people compatible with this palace and if this palace is not extremely damaged from the point of view of unfolding analytical energy rosette. Southwest palace is not suitable for location of kitchen, bathroom, toilet, store room and technical parts of the house where there is active or passive water.

Correct tuning of southwest palace is important for the comfort of a woman – mother who ensures correct functioning and cohesion of whole family. This palace is linked to older woman or mother and also all family members with Gua number 2.
This space is in general more suitable for women.

West - „Future“ (children, offspring)

force Swamp, Star Metal remelted, number 7
This palace is linked to the level of achieved wealth but also to plans for new future.
It symbolically features children and future offspring. Prosperity is on the west.

Main entrance from west palace is suitable for spaces of family living type but it is less suitable as an entrance to business spaces – unfolding of analytical energy rosette. Even though metal in general supports the creation of water – the cycle of five elements – we would place water in west palace very cautiously.  The west palace can’t be damaged – unfolding of analytical energy rosette and can’t have a problematic star located in it – complex Lo shu square. Even then it is needed to adjust it with available resources.
This palace is suitable for location of living room, dining room, office and bedroom.
We however have to bear in mind that a manager located in a west space could have the tendency to enjoy their life instead of working.
Although a company owner who over the last ten or fifteen years has worked really hard to get the company to a certain level and therefore doesn’t know how to enjoy their life can locate their office in west palace. This is of course with the view that it doesn’t have damaged energy.


West palace is not suitable for location of kitchen, bathroom and toilet (only if the above criteria is met).
We also would not place store room in here. We can place garage in here if it is a part of the house.

West, similarly as east, shouldn’t be blocked by a build in wardrobe, high wall near the house or by other house that basically creates the west wall.
If at all possible we should not have mirrors in west palace as they could bring another woman to the relationship.
This palace is linked to young girl or youngest daughter (in China this symbolised youngest woman – the last one) and also all family members with Gua number 7.
This space is in general more suitable for women.

Northwest  „Helpful friends“ (travel)

force Sky, Star Metal blown, number 6
This palace is linked to „higher power“, helpful friends and travel.
Helpful friends are all the people that we meet during our journey and those who are in a certain way beneficial either practically, with a good advice or by just being there for us.

Main entrance from northwest palace is suitable for spaces of family living type and also for business space. By its energy, it supports those business subjects which require other people for their work – various agencies – advertising, market research or various services.

Northwest palace is not suitable for location of bathroom, toilet (if it is not damaged from the energy point of view), bedroom and office. If it is necessary we can locate kitchen here as well. We can locate a gym and a garage, if it is a part of the house, here. We can also place store room and other technical areas in this space.
This palace is linked to older man or father and also all family members with Gua number 6.
This space is in general more suitable men than women.




































It might look like that finding the orientation of a building is simple, we will find after a couple of tries that it is not true. It is therefore important to do this step very responsibly and seriously.

In order to find the orientation of an area against the north south magnetic axis of earth we need a good compass that is adapted for this. The quality of the measurement tool, compass, will lead to success.
A good quality compass is an oil compass and it is because their needles is stable and can slowly stabilise to the point of magnetic axis of earth. Air compass is not suitable because the needle constantly changes its position and doesn’t stabilise even after long wait as much as is needed.
For the purposes of measuring of areas, is also good a compass with a rectangular base. A compass with circular base is not suitable to be used in feng shui.
To find the orientation of areas – external or internal there is a special build Lo pan compass (Luo Pan).
The bigger the base of Lo pan is the bigger is the accuracy of measurement.

General rules

We don’t place the compass or a compass with rectangular base, on the floor of the measured area. If we place it on a table, it can’t have metal legs or other metal parts (even a metal screw can cause deviation if we place the compass exactly on it).
When doing measurements we should avoid the following objects: radiators, large metal objects such as metal cupboards, fuse box, metal staircase, large electric items and other metal door frames, plug socket and switches. When doing the measurements we should not have mobile phone on us or anything metal except for gold and brass or copper.
We have witnessed some practitioners doing measurements on a wooden table where there were apart from other things also metal forks and spoons.
It has therefore caused for the main entrance to the area to be measures incorrectly, ...
Be careful around bigger metal areas.

Rules for compass use in exterior when marking a piece of land

We should steer clear of cars, public lighting pillars, fuse boxes, canals, electric tranformators and cabling and lightning conductors.
We can of course only use the compass for marking of land which was marked by geodesist and if this has not been done we could provisionally measure it optically. This is done by lining up with surrounding buildings (possibly not metal ones) that are in the same orientation as the given land.
If the geodesists marked the land by sticks, we should put a rope between them. The Lo pan compass has brass juts on cross points of cardinal directions and these can then be used as a sight to the level of the rope.

We would recommend not to rely completely on the cadastral map nor on the marked north on the project. The cadastral map could have been scanned and there could have been a drift or the printer could have made a drift.
We would like to warn you that on such a large area and even a small drift could be for feng shui purposes a big inaccuracy.
North is marked only for guidance on projects as the architect doesn’t need exact measurements.

Rules for compass use in houses, flats and polyfunctional buildings
We always measure the space from inside and we do room by room. It means that we make several measurements in a space, in a flat 6-7.
A controlled measurement could be done from the outside of a building. However for given space the relevant measurement is the one of north south magnetic axis from inside of building.
If there are minimal differences in measurements between rooms, 4-5 degrees in one way, the space is ok and we can make a note of the value that was the most common.

We would repeat that even if you feel that the measurement is correct second time around, you should make a controlled number of measurements.
Many people made mistakes this way (the measurement was incorrect and they had to do the whole project again).
If the difference is bigger, sometimes 5-25 degrees, measured in one direction (it means on a compass east from point 0 and then west from point 0) this is a major issue and we need to find the cause for this difference.


These differences could cause bigger metal kitchens together with extraction fan, air-conditioning pipes, metal pipes in the cellar... All of these could be located outside of the area we are measuring, under or above. If we can’t find any logical explanation of such a big difference, it is better to call an expert or possibly start thinking about moving.

A move is however also needed even if you find the reason for the difference and if it is not possible to eliminate it.
These are so called pathogenic zones. Be careful however as there is a big difference between pathogenic zones and geopathogenic zones.

Geopathogenic zones are created in a place where the underground water flow crosses with the magnetic pole of earth. These are quite rare and buildings that are built in such a zone are marked with many human dramas – suicides, murders, fires, car accidents (dragon’s forces).

Pathogenic zones could also be created by not suitable placement of appliances in space (TV behind the head on the other side of the wall, ...). These zones could be caused in exterior by for example near located electric pillars, fuse boxes, ...

Also incorrect placement of items could cause some pathogens. And of course every space could get by time and use vibrated with negative energy.
We found this when a client has invited a dowser who has marked the lining of pathogenic zones in the flat. Once the space was cleared and some items moved the area was again checked by the same dowser who said that the space was entirely clear.

We would like to warn you that a long stay in a space which is showing extreme differences on compass, meaning that there is a large pathogenic zone in a very near area, that it could have implications on psychological of physical functions of the residents.

Be careful as compass also reacts with big differences to the presence of ghosts in space. To measure pathogenics we use smaller type of Lo Pan compass with specially made internal compass.
This compass then react to people who are set up (psychologically or physically) as energetic vampires.
This is when the needle is not turning by following the magnetic axis of earth but when this person is near enough the needle will turn towards them.
You might know various personal radians that „adjust“ flow of the energy towards the carrier.
They might bring prosperity to their owner but people near them might feel very tired, nervous and might intuitively try to avoid further contact because they are basically losing their life’s energy when they are near this person.

Rules for compass use in skyscrapers and buildings with metal framework and metal sheeting

Do you know why some feng shui practitioners don’t use Lo pan or carry then just as an image accessory?
In metal buildings – skyscrapers or buildings with metal framework it is very problematic to measure the magnetic north south axis.
During measuring the magnetic axis is different in every room and this has caused a right dilemma for many practitioners with regards to whether to even use a compass.
We think that this is one of the reasons why many schools or some authors of publications have dropped this method (compass method) or separated it as a standalone section and don’t use it in practice.
They use an alternative method instead of this – the front door method.
It comes from the assumption that every entrance is from north (it is located on the north line outline of space).
It doesn’t take into account which palace – cardinal directions it the entrance located in reality.

So why did they resort to this method? It is because they can’t or don’t know how to use the compass method and they are not able to correctly unfold the unfolding energy rosette.
In this practice it is not possible to correctly identify complex Lo shu square – Fej sing. They therefore had to adjust the whole system.

We however deem this approach incorrect and we will explain how to measure these types of spaces and what is the correct valued.
A correct value is the one we have measured in each room. Even though there was an induction due to the presence of metal and the magnetic north of given space has changed, it is exactly this value that we need to use for adjustments and tuning of the space.


The unfolding and calculations are adjusted to this individual magnetic north of the room or the average measured in several rooms that logically and by placing of front door create a whole space (flat, offices of one company or office of one person). We have to remember that this approach is only used for measuring of this type of buildings and can’t be used on panelled building nor other spaces.

Specifics of measuring in different spaces


We have already clarified certain rules.
Let’s recap. If the difference has a bigger value, sometimes even more than 5 – 25 degrees, measured not in just one direction but in both (east from point 0 and in other room west from point 0), we have a major problem and we have to find the cause of this difference.
It could for example be in rooms under which there are metal kitchens with suction, air-conditioning pipes, big metal rendering in the ceiling or on the roof, in flats that are above cellars, metal pipes or cellars with sheet metal, panelling, ...















































   Here we can see several types of compasses that are used for marking of building.
If you don’t own a Lo pan compass, which makes the work and precision of measuring easier (basically the bigger base on which the compass is inserted the bigger precision of measurement) it is possible to use compass with rectangular base.
The most suitable type of compass with rectangular base is pictured below.


Orientating of building

This is where the work begins for every space. Any mistakes that are made here will be added on to during the whole analysis. It is therefore recommended to properly read this process about how to mark or orientate a space.
The term „marking of space“ means drawing of given building in a certain scale, for example 1:100 with exactly marked front door, individual windows, individual rooms and doors leading to them.
Don’t forget to scan all measurements.
If we have any plan of the building, for example from fire safety board (it should be located in every building) we can use it but we should measure main external walls to make sure that this plan is not distorted, especially the ratio of sides such as width and length.
We should do the same with individual rooms.
Once we have this plan ready we can go to next step which is „orientating of building.
This term means under what degree is the building built against the magnetic north south axis of earth. We can use compass with rectangular base for more precise measurement.



Process :

We’ll place the compass with rectangular base on a bigger base, for example a book, and align the longer side of the rectangular base with the longer side of the book. Then place the book with the compass with rectangular base against a wall (of course there can’t be anything metal such as mobile phone, radiator, electric socket etc., near us).
Take one step back and try to keep the book with the compass with rectangular base in a horizontal position and in the level of the wall.
We’ll mark on the compass with rectangular base, where is the north located against this wall, what is the compass needle showing us.

We’ll make several of these measurements in the space and average them. We can also take the value that is the most common. It would be great if we were able to measure the wall that has the smallest angle with the magnetic north of earth. Compass Lo Pan allows very precise measuring but also the compass with rectangular base is good and an experienced practitioner will make precise measurements with that as well.
If we have measured the wall that has the smallest angle with the magnetic axis of earth, we’ll mark this wall on the floor plan like this.






















We have come across in practice that many people have problems with telling which side of their house is front and which is back.
Various literature indicates many partial, conflicting and incorrect interpreted information and based on all this new theories are created.
For many authors the truth is that the more complex, foggier and incomprehensible it is, the better.

Original houses in China were built with the orientation to South, meaning that the front of the house – main entrance – was from the South.
The back sick of the house was therefore North.
The houses were rectangular and majority of them had 3 rooms.

An important rule is: the south and north walls should always be longer than the east and west.
For the south it is so that the house has enough warmth and light and the north so to house is sufficiently protected from the back against black warriors – cold, wind and other adverse forces (this also ensure a correct proportion of Yin and Yang walls, when the house is a square this proportion is not sound).
Because of the above mentioned reasons, another rule was created which is that there should be the least openings on the north wall. This way were it was also assured that the land on which the house was built was secured from the point of view of form school – black tortoise at the back (black warrior who rode on black tortoise), azure dragon on the left, white tiger on the right and red phoenix at the front.
Here is applied the cosmological principle which is very important when explaining the basics of feng shui and we should try to understand it.

It means that North god‘s face is hot, South god‘s face is cold, East god‘s face is damp and West god‘s face is dry. It is because the imaginary spirits sit in a certain position and looks in a certain direction.

For example, why is North god‘s face hot?
We are sitting in the position of North (North is at the back) and we are therefore looking South, the sun is shining to our face and our face is therefore hot. Our back is in the shadow and is therefore cold.
We’ll explain this principle on nature’s patterns.
We are in a valley and there is a mountain on the north side and also a mountain on the south side.
Look at the mountain which is in magnetic north from the position of the valley. The sun is shining on the mountain and warming it up. It is god’s north face – it is against the valley in magnetic north, looking south and the face is therefore hot. It means that the snow will melt here very quickly in spring.

On the other hand the mountain that is in magnetic south from the position of the valley will stay from the side of the valley covered by ice and snow. Why? It is because it is god’s south face – it is from the position of the valley in magnetic south, looking north, the sun is at the back and therefore its face is cold.
People who love skiing know this very well because it is possible to sky on these types of slopes on higher ground until the beginning of summer.

Similarly it is the same with east and west. We’ll stand from the position of the valley to magnetic east and look west. The rain clouds usually come from west and this is because god’s east face is damp.
The azure dragon which resides in south should be higher than white tiger in west in order for the rain clouds to be let through by the smaller tiger and the higher dragon would stop them.
This is the way how the given area gets enough moisture which is important for life.
This is where we can see the principle of duality that runs through the whole eastern philosophy.
It could happen that a person who is not used to think in this way could misunderstand a thought and will incorrectly reproduce it to others. We are not even talking about errors that can occur through translation.

We’ll continue in our subject. Why do we come across in literature with the terms „front“ and „back“ side of a house? It is because houses used to be built orientated to northsouth and it was therefore not necessary to clarify that it means north and south side of a house.
We should remember that the term back of the house really means north side of the house.
However be careful as it doesn‘t have to be located opposite the „mouth of the house“ – main entrance.







We’ll try and explain some terms.
The literature describes so called „front“ and „acting“ direction of a house and „front“ and „acting“ side of a house. It’s a similar principle as god’s faces.
We stand facing the front door, we are looking in the „front“ direction and we can see „front“ – opposite side of the house that is located at the back wall of the house.
Exactly opposite the front side is the „acting“ side of the house. If we turn our back to back wall of the house and we look in „acting“ direction which means towards the front door.
It is an „acting“ direction because it is strength position – acting.
We look in that direction – while working, we turn so we can see the front door (it is also used when placing a desk).
Of course we are not only detecting the „front“ and „acting“ side but by using the compass we will also detect the specific palace in which is the „front“ and „acting“ direction located. Based on which palace is the „acting“ direction located in, we then determine the trigram of the house. This represents the Mountain star and it is basically the front door to the house. As you can see this whole process takes us back to the beginning – the front door of the house.

Would you say that it is one chaos? And also that many different descriptions in books is pointless?
Yes, lots of pointlessness that is written with a certain specific purpose.

In order to determine the trigram of the house we need to exactly measure the north south axis with the compass, draw the 8 entrances analytical rosette, place it on the space being analysed and we can find with a precision in which palace is the front door located. Each palace has allocated a specific trigram. The trigram of a palace in which the front door is located is basically the trigram of the house.
The trigram of the house determines the Mountain star. But be careful, even though we can easily determine the Mountain star by this method, it is not enough to find the rotation of complex Lo shu square when applying the fej sing method – flying stars. We will talk a bit later about how to calculate the complex
Lo shu square because for now it is important to understand the basics. The most important is the complex analysis of space then removal of the biggest defects and only after that the adjustment by using flying stars.

Why is it important to locate the north side of the house?

We repeat that because of the variety of location of front door in individual palaces it might not be located opposite the mouth of the house – front door. This would only be true with the north south orientation of the house. The angle of rotation of the house against the north south axis (induction) creates certain tendencies – disposition of building towards certain action and situation.
It is very important to find out what tendencies are hidden in a building. And about that testifies the Main and Hidden potential of a building. The main potential determines the tendencies that can manifest clearly and visibly.




The hidden potential determines tendencies that can surface under certain circumstances. The hidden potential also conditions the main potential.
In order to correctly identify these potentials it is important to understand the 64 entrances method from the compass school. We also use this method for exact calibration of specific directions (exact angle rotation) when sleeping and working – house on the land, bed, table, computer in a room.
When following the correct process we can measure north side of a building. However, in order to identify these potentials and exact calibration of directions we need the Lo pan compass with two scales of angles.
If it is not available to you, you can use the compass with rectangular base and we can also get the needed values and exact calibration with the FengShui software.








We now know how to mark a building against the magnetic axis of earth.
Now you can try it as well. Don’t forget to first locate the north wall which is the one that forms the smallest angle with the magnetic axis of earth than the rest of them. Don’t forget to mark this wall.

What needs to be done if the house is built exactly in the 45 degree angle against the magnetic north?
This is when it is impossible to exactly identify which wall is north.
It doesn’t have any meaning when doing the marking and analysis. The only problem is that it is not possible to find main and hidden potential of given space (it means that the space is prone to certain specific actions and situations).
These values are always the very first analysis that we can identify by using the Lo Pan compass.
They are prognosis about what exactly could we expect in given space in the future.
The main and hidden potential can be good, problematic or bad.
The main potential discusses the possible demonstrations on a physical level. The hidden potential conditions the main potential or discusses which tendencies are relatively subdued – hidden in the background.

Now we get back to the issue of identifying the north wall if the object’s angle towards the magnetic axis of earth is 45 degrees. Of course the solution here is very simple. We will apply the rule where a house should have a longer walls in North and South and shorter walls in East and West.
It means that from the two walls that constrict the 45 degrees angle against the north south magnetic axis of earth, the wall which is from the point of view of the object (not room) longer, is the north wall.

By object we mean the land, building, house, flat.

What would we do if the analysed building is a square? In this case the north wall is the one that is from the point of view of the house the longest (it means how the rooms in this house orientated are and where their longest wall is) or it is the one that is opposite the front door.

On the pictures that follow, we can see that one building can have more than one main and hidden potential.
On picture 1 we can see the longest wall of the whole block of flats.
On picture 2 we can see that the north wall of one section of the block of flats can be identical with the north wall of the whole block of flats as it is on this example or it could be identical with the north wall of one of the flats – picture 4.

Other two flats in this section have different north wall (longer from two possible walls from the point of view of the flat’s floor plan) – picture 3 and 5. The third one bedroom flat has the north wall identical as the whole section and the whole block of flats – picture 4.
This is why the main and hidden potential can be different even in one building. The value for the whole block of flats or a section influences all residents of the block of flats or section. The value measured in a flat can make the situation in a specific flat better or worse. On picture 6 we can see a floor plan of a square building. The north wall is determined by one of the rooms.














We now have better understanding of the issue of orientation and northern wall of a building and we will now continue with further analysis of space.















To mark a building we need paper, ruler, long ruler, goniometer, pencil, eraser and later some colour pencils and of course an appetite to work.
You also need to know something else – the systems of feng shui – mainly when and how to use them in different situations.

If you don’t want to draw on a paper and use the ruler and pencils, a computer could be of great help.
A PC can make this work much quicker (it is assumed that you know how to use a computer and the basic graphic programmes). We don’t have to explain to you the advances of this kind of drawing. The speed of work, accuracy and comfort is incomparable with manual drawing.

What does a feng shui expert need for correct analysis of a space?
We start at the beginning. The baseline is a land (for houses). When doing the analysis we need to know the borders of the land, meaning the fence or at least a set out of the land.
You also need to find out where the north is by exact measurements and which way is the northsouth axis orientated on the land.

You need to mark all the important points at the land – driveways, small lake, swimming pool, well, ...
We also mark the exact location of the building on the land.
It is also very important to know the impact of neighbouring objects – houses, poles, roads, large trees, chimneys, aerials, ...








When drawing the inside space of a house, flat, company, it is important to accurately measure the whole analysed space. This means to precisely measure all distances of the space. These are the length, width and height of individual rooms, the thickness of walls (if these are different as they could distort the shape or dimensions of a building). We need the length of the wall from the door frame till the end on both sides of the door, the width of door frame and the width and height of the door. We need the same for windows and other openings in space. We also mark opening side of each door.
Every measurement is important and we will appreciate the precision of measurements in further work on the project.
We draw the plan in a certain scale, for example 1:100.
The next step is drawing of individual interior items – important furniture (beds, sitting space, desks), appliances (cooker, fridge, washing machine, TV, microwave, boiler, ...), bath, wash basin, toilets, other items with water – sink, aquarium, fountains, sauna, hot tub, swimming pool, inside well.
We mark exact location of fire place and chimneys. If it is a flat on the ground floor, we check if there are no pipes locating under the flat.
With flats in block of flats we should just in case, draw the hallway (with lift shaft and staircase) and at least estimated measurement of whole section (this is all flats on one floor). Next we will mark built in wardrobes and another tall furniture and mirrors. We also mark location of important documents, safe, ... Don’t forget to mark individual rooms, we allocate individuals to beds and desks.







SCALE  1:100









All this is very important for the whole clarity and further deep analysis and exact tuning of space.

That is why we should be precise in measurement and correctness of marking of individual items in space.

Many other steps then stem from this first step. Potential errors that could be created by inaccurate measurement or marking could take us all the way to the beginning.
It’s not a big deal? If we tune a space incorrectly we can cause ourselves or other family member problems and then it will be too late.





















In order to continue in our analysis we need to understand and use one part of form school. It is about identifying the centre – exact magnetic centre of a building. All analytical rosettes are unfolded from the centre. Based on the centre we can exactly identify where each cardinal direction is – palaces, where their borders are, where the front door is and therefore whether the given building is of East or West type.
We will find in which third of corresponding cardinal direction or palace is the front door or windows located in a space. It means that exact location of the centre of a building will let us not just to use previously given information but to also apply them correctly and without an error.

These are simple ways of finding the centre of complex buildings. The exact location of centre this way is only on pictures 01, 02, 03, 09 and 10. The other are located relatively. In a large number of cases we will be able to use these processes. However, a professional who works for others will not be able to use only these methods because of correctness and further tuning and given recommendations.
Please NOT a pin, cord and sinker.




Building with projecting part – picture on top in the middle.
Here we need to use a calculator to count. We measure the width of the projecting part, which in this instance is 2cm and then the height which is 0.6cm. We will calculate the area – width x height. This is how we get the area of the projecting part 2 x 0.6 = 1.2cm2. The value of 1.2cm2 is the area of the projecting part. Now we will spread the given area into the whole length of corresponding side of the wall which is 4cm. It means that the area which is in this instance 1.2cm2 is divided by the length of the wall which is 4cm. 1.2 : 4 = 0.3cm. The value of 0.3cm is the width of the part that we add to the building along its length – marked by red dashed line. After this the cross points will go from new positions marked on the picture.
















It might seem simple but a problem might arise visually if the proportions of sides will not be this symmetrical and the building will be rotated differently.
It is a visual problem because we need to first learn how to correctly look at buildings so we can identify different shapes. Only after this can we assign energy centre of a building.





















Without a correctly defined energy centre of a building it is impossible to continue with specific analysis of space and its further tuning. Any errors made here are carried across the whole project and the result could be an incorrect recommendation for residents of this space.
While doing the analysis we need to exactly identify if the building is compatible with them from point of view of the whole building and also a room. The result could then be an incorrect location of these people when sleeping, working and of course also incorrect tuning of disproportions of building. We might end up adjusting something that is not necessary to do and we will not adjust something that causes problems.
This is the reason why it is important to know the arithmetic calculation or to use a credible software for identification of centre of complex shapes.


The picture in bottom left hand corner shows the breakup of a complex building into rectangular
(O1 - O3) and triangles (T1 - T9) for the purposes of calculation of exact centre.






In sketching an object the FengShui software packages themselves automatically define the energy center of any complex object (the entire home or individual rooms). However, the software contains both a fully automatic and tabular method (shown above) for defining the energy center in complex objects.







The rosette defines many values when analysing a building
It has these characteristics:

These are called:





1. third N
2. or middle third N
3. third N

1. third NE
2. or middle third NE
3. third NE

1. third E
2. or middle third E
3. third E

1. third SE
2. or middle third SE
3. third SE

1. third S
2. or middle third S
3. third S

1. third SW
2. or middle third SW
3. third SW

1. third W
2. or middle third W
3. third W

1. third NW
2. or middle third NW
3. third NW

This unfolding rosette defines, when correctly place and orientated on a building, from which cardinal direction do we enter the area, where the front door is located – N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.

By using this rosette we can exactly (with exact measurements and marking) define:

1.  Whether a building is of East or West type.

2.  Definition of type of analytical energy rosette. It will then advise us on the status of corresponding palace or sector, whether it is needed to be adjusted, whether there are located any conflicting elements and of course it will allow us to place specific people to individual rooms and their correct position when sleeping and working.

3.  The third and polarity of the front door.

4.   The third and polarity of windows which will then allow us to adjust them if needed (if that is the place where the negative – unsuitable energy – enters the space.

5.  It is the baseline for calculation of complex Lo shu square - fej sing.

The rosette is places on the floor plan of the whole building, centre of the rosette is placed on the centre of the building.
It has to be precisely orientated which means the north south axis of the rosette has to correspond with the north south magnetic axis of earth measured in this building.
In the next step we place this rosette separately to individual rooms.




This is simple Lo pan compass. Its professional form is much wider and more complex.
It is basically the book in a circle.








End of this sample

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