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 Textbook Feng Shui - Theory and Practice
  language : English

614 pages

  Publisher :

 Ivan Paulíček HERMES

  EPUB: ISBN 978-80-89874-07-1


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The first electronic edition of the exceptionally successful publication “Feng Shui Textbook I. - Theory and Practice” (published in Europe 2007).

The authors of the book are veteran practitioners of feng shui, hence it is written in a professional, logical, gradual, practical and usable, but above all in an understandable manner.

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14,40 $

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This book is an excellent help in practical work - in the selection, preparation and harmonization of any space and contains a lot of knowledge, experience, practical techniques and examples, graphic demonstrations and previously unpublished systems of feng shui.
With the help of this book, all systems are linked with each other and arranged to form a logical and coherent whole. Feng Shui systems are explained through practical examples from actual practice. The textbook is designed for a wide range of readers, whether they are complete novices, feng shui enthusiasts, professional advisors, architects or designers.

Preview print edition 

(in Europe 2007)


The book was by most readers rated

as the best book on feng shui.


Several responses from readers :


- The book is really the best I have ever read, it works, you're the best, thank you.


- The book is perfect but could you please write to me where have you got the

   information from because I have not found anything like it on the Internet.


- After the amount of books I have read about feng shui, it finally makes sense to me.


- The book is my treasure, but it is falling apart because I carry it around with me

   wherever I go. When are you planning to release a next edition or volume?


- I have read the book at least 20 times already and I have always found something new.


- I have bought the hardcopy as well as the electronic version of the book. Although I

  prefer traditional books, it is probably better to read specialized literature in an

  electronic form as one can find the necessary information much quicker. By the way,

  the book is super readable in the reader.



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